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[image]Jon Blund Lol Remix - Xerxes

Downloads: 70
[audio]Xerxes - Waveform Downmix - Xerxes
Xerxes - Waveform Downmix
Keywords: Xerxes; m:cast
Downloads: 53
[audio][AMR050] Dim - Xerxes
TRACK LISTING: 01. Dim Side 02:25 02. Dim Curse 05:57 03. Dimness 04:29 04. Dim Land 07:27 05. Dim Face 03:59 06. Dimmer 07:46 07. Dim Times 04:46 08. Dimness Life 09:33 09. Dim Silence 02:37
Keywords: Dark Ambient/ Noise
Downloads: 4,128 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Xerxes - Waveform Downmix - Xerxes
Xerxes - Waveform Downmix
Keywords: Xerxes; m:cast
Downloads: 97
[audio][AMR051] Noctambulation Amongst Nebula - Single - Xerxes

Downloads: 1,320
[image]Footsteps - Xerxes

Downloads: 130
[audio][AMR107] Nought - Xerxes
Keywords: Xerxes, Nought
Downloads: 399
[image]Presets EP - Xerxes

Downloads: 144
[audio]Xerxes - My Saint [Cam#026] - Xerxes
inspired by the girl who will save me from the living dead says xerxes. One has to think this girl is lucky, especially when blessed by a low down groovy funky hip-hop track like this one. This track has all the credentials to appeal to any mood and to change the shape of things to come, but we at camomille prefer to see it as this : the perfect love-makin track weve ever heard.
Keywords: Trip-Hop; Electro
Downloads: 933
[audio][AMR054] Tomhet - Tribute To Burzum - Xerxes
This E.P. is a tribute to BURZUM, specially 1996-1997-1999. The first track is a burzum cover(tomhet - part 2). Second track and third track were in "DIM" album. The fourth track is a new Xerxes's track.
Downloads: 2,672
[audio][AMR258] Utter Darkness - Single - Xerxes

Keywords: Xerxes; Utter Darkness; Dark Ambient; Amduscias Records
Downloads: 162
[audio]Xerxes - Presets EP [Cam#042] - Xerxes
Xerxes, the norwegian scene legend is back and ''blesses'' us with a 3-track EP ; Presets contains the title track ''presets'' reminiscent of his classic hip-hop funky nostalgia tracks from back in da day, blessed, a calm almost esotheric trip-hoppy, hip-hoppy electronica track and The day we met, a beatless ambiance of beautiful harmonies and great finale for the ep, which is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful releases on camomille.
Keywords: Ambient; Electronic; Instrumental Hip-Hop
Downloads: 2,983
[audio]Xerxes - Footsteps EP [Cam#053] - Xerxes
Camomille's own Xerxes is back at camo with a refreshing 3 track ep + 2 bonus tracks. Footsteps EP counts 3 highly enjoyable trip-hop/ electrohip-hop grooves now known throughout the scene as ''xerxes style''. He's been dominating scene.org in download count, playing all the time on di.fm's chillout radio (1500 listeners) and all around taking over the world (well, we hope he will ). Now this is another classic release to add to his list, with enchanting melodies, bouncy love-making beats all ad...
Keywords: Trip-Hop; Electro; Dubhouse; Instrumental Hip-Hop; Down beat / Chill; Cinematic Ambients
Downloads: 10,498 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio][AMR105] AZOIX-The Kingdom Of All The Dark Ambient Moments - Xerxes
All instruments, sampling, mixing, recording are done by Dimmer, from December 2006 to December 2007. Releasing in Janaury 2008.
Keywords: Dimmer, Xerxes
Downloads: 1,860
[audio]Xerxes - Scar Tissue [Cam#024] - Xerxes
Now if youve been paying some degree of attention towards the demo scene, module scene or free internet music scene, you know Xerxes. Hes one of the demoscene legends, and his sound he brings to us is why. This superscape of hip-hop mixtures is a perfect example of his work ; stunning, beautiful, cinematic and sensual.
Keywords: Trip-Hop; Electro; Ambient Techno; Instrumental Hip-Hop
Downloads: 1,610
[image]Scar Tissue - Xerxes

Downloads: 203
[texts]Supersymmetry: Where it is and how to find it - Xerxes Tata
We present a pedagogical, but by no means complete, review of weak scale supersymmetry phenomenology. After a general introduction to the new particles that must be present in any supersymmetric framework, we describe how to write down their interactions with one another as well as with the particles of the Standard Model. We then elucidate the assumptions underlying the Minimal Supersymmetric Model as well as the more restrictive minimal supergravity GUT model with the radiative breaking of ele...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Recent Developments in supersymmetry Search Strategies - Xerxes Tata
After a quick review of the framework for phenomenological analyses of supersymmetry, we summarize current limits on supersymmetric particle masses and discuss strategies for their searches at the Fermilab Tevatron and the LHC. We also discuss the sense in which such searches as well as those that may be carried out at LEP complement one another. Finally, we touch upon the prospects for more ambitious measurements such as those of sparticle masses and couplings...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Supersymmetry Phenomenology: A Microreview - Xerxes Tata
We briefly review the current status and future prospects for supersymmetry searches at colliders, and discuss strategies by which further information about sparticle properties may be obtained at the LHC.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Developments in Supersymmetry Phenomenology - Xerxes Tata
We survey strategies generally employed for SUSY discovery at colliders and then discuss how these may have to be altered for SUSY searches at the Tevatron if $\tan\beta$ is large. We also discuss the reach of the Tevatron and the LHC in gauge-mediated SUSY breaking scenarios, assuming that the NLSP decays into photons. Finally, we briefly recapitulate measurements (which serve to guide us to the underlying theory) that might be possible at future colliders if supersymmetry is discovered.
Downloads: 3
[texts]Searching for Supersymmetry: A Minireview - Xerxes Tata
After a lightning review of current bounds on the masses of supersymmetric particles, we describe strategies that may be helpful for extracting signals from the production of squarks, gluinos or top squarks, and from associated chargino-neutralino production at the Tevatron. We then briefly review SUSY signals at hadron and $e^+e^-$ supercolliders. We discuss how various SUSY signals may be correlated within the supergravity framework and indicate the sense in which $e^+e^-$ and hadron colliders...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Looking Beyond the Standard Model - Xerxes Tata
Within the framework of the Standard Model, the scale of electroweak symmetry breaking is unstable to radiative corrections. We discuss two broad classes of models of new physics (one with a strongly interacting and the other with a perturbatively coupled electroweak symmetry breaking sector) in which this stability is restored. After reviewing experimental constraints on these, we discuss the implications of these types of models for experiments, both at currently operating colliders as well as...
Downloads: 4
[audio][AMR106] Artificial Hell Split EP - Xerxes & Nyctalllz

Keywords: Xerxes, Nyctalllz, Artificial Hell
Downloads: 352
[image]Let Silence Roam - Xerxes

Downloads: 285
[image]First Ray of Light - Xerxes

Downloads: 122
[texts]My Uncle Napoleon Walhalla - Xerxes Goodarzie
Keywords: Iranian Novel
Downloads: 7
[texts]A Second Supersymmetry in Thermo Field Dynamics - Xerxes D. Arsiwalla
This article is an extension of the work done in \cite{partha} by R. Parthasarathy and R. Sridhar. There they consider supersymmetry in an enlarged thermal system (in a thermo field dynamic formulation) and show that this supersymmetry is not broken at finite temperature. Here we show, using an SU(1,1) R-symmetry, that this system obeys a second supersymmetry. In addition, we proceed to see that this new supersymmetry also remains unbroken at finite temperatures.
Downloads: 8
[texts]More Rings to rule them all : Fragmentation, 4D/5D and Split-Spectral Flows - Xerxes D. Arsiwalla
In this note we set-up an explicit 5D construction of AdS-fragmentation, whereby a single black ring splits-up into a multi-black ring configuration. Furthermore it is seen that these fragmented rings are equivalent to a direct 5D lift of 4D multi-center black holes. Along the way we also determine the 4D/5D transformations relevant for multi-center charges. It is seen that the physical charges involved in black ring fragmentation are Page charges arising due to 5D Chern-Simons terms...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Entropy Functions with 5D Chern-Simons terms - Xerxes D. Arsiwalla
In this note we reconsider Sen's entropy function analysis for 5D supergravity actions containing Chern-Simons terms. The apparent lack of gauge invariance is usually tackled via a 4D reduction. Here we motivate how a systematic 5D procedure also works. In doing so, it becomes important to identify the correct 5D charges. In particular, we perform explicit calculations for the black ring and 5D black hole...
Downloads: 14
[texts]Dark matter and the LHC - Howard Baer
An abundance of astrophysical evidence indicates that the bulk of matter in the universe is made up of massive, electrically neutral particles that form the dark matter (DM). While the density of DM has been precisely measured, the identity of the DM particle (or particles) is a complete mystery. In fact, within the laws of physics as we know them (the Standard Model, or SM), none of the particles have the right properties to make up DM...
Downloads: 5
[texts]Threshold and Flavour Effects in the Renormalization Group Equations of the MSSM II: Dimensionful couplings - Andrew D. Box
We re-examine the one-loop renormalization group equations (RGEs) for the dimensionful parameters of the minimal supersymmetric Standard Model with broken supersymmetry, allowing for arbitrary flavour structure of the soft SUSY breaking (SSB) parameters. We include threshold effects by evaluating the $\beta$-functions in a sequence of (non-supersymmetric) effective theories with heavy particles decoupled at the scale of their mass...
Downloads: 27
[texts]Threshold and Flavour Effects in the Renormalization Group Equations of the MSSM I: Dimensionless Couplings - Andrew D. Box
In a theory with broken supersymmetry, gaugino couplings renormalize differently from gauge couplings, as do higgsino couplings from Higgs boson couplings. As a result, we expect the gauge (Higgs boson) couplings and the corresponding gaugino (higgsino) couplings to evolve to different values under renormalization group evolution. We re-examine the renormalization group equations (RGEs) for these couplings in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM)...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Willard's practical butter book; a complete treatise on butter-making at factories and farm dairies, including the selection, feeding and management of stock for utter dairying-with plans for dairy rooms and creameries dairy fixtures, utensils - Willard, Xerxes Addison, 1820-1882
Keywords: Butter
Downloads: 450
[texts]Willard's practical dairy husbandry: a complete treatise on dairy farms and farming,--dairy stock and stock feeding,--milk, its management and manufacture into butter and cheese,--history and mode of organization of butter and cheese factories,--dairy utensils, etc., etc - Willard, Xerxes Addison, 1820-1882
The metadata below describe the original scanning. Follow the "All Files: HTTP" link in the "View the book" box to the left to find XML files that contain more metadata about the original images and the derived formats (OCR results, PDF etc.). See also the What is the directory structure for the texts? FAQ for information about file content and naming conventions.
Keywords: Dairying
Downloads: 437
[texts]Tau Signals of R-parity breaking at LEP 200 - Rohini M. Godbole
The detectability at LEP 200 of explicit $R$-parity breaking by tau-number $(L_\tau)$ violating operators is considered. The assumption of $L_\tau$-violation is motivated by the relative lack of constraints on such couplings but similar considerations apply to explicit $L_e$- or $L_\mu$-violation. The $LSP$, now unstable, and not necessarily neutral, decays via $L_\tau$-violating modes. Only signals from the production and decays of $LSP$ pairs are considered, thereby avoiding any dependence on ...
Downloads: 4
[texts]Aspects of Chargino-Neutralino Production at the Tevatron Collider - Howard Baer
We have used ISAJET 7.0/ISASUSY 1.0 to evaluate the rates and study distributions for trilepton events from the leptonic decays of charginos and neutralinos produced at the Fermilab Tevatron via the reaction, $p\bar p\rightarrow \tilde{W_1} \tilde{Z_2}$ + X for cuts inspired by the CDF and D0 experiments. We find that about 60\% of these events do not contain any jets, and so should be easily identifiable over Standard Model backgrounds from $t\bar{t}$ and WZ production, provided that the decay ...
Downloads: 2
[texts]The Reach of CERN LEP2 and Fermilab Tevatron Upgrades for Higgs Bosons in Supersymmetric Models - Howard Baer
Luminosity upgrades of the Fermilab Tevatron pbar-p collider have been shown to allow experimental detection of a Standard Model (SM) Higgs boson up to $m_{H_{SM}}\sim 120$ GeV via $WH_{SM} \to \ell\nu b\bar{b}$ events. This limit nearly saturates the parameter space for many models of weak scale supersymmetry (SUSY) with a minimal particle content. It is therefore interesting to examine the SUSY Higgs reach of future Tevatron experiments...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Supersymmetry Studies at Future Linear $e^+e^-$ Colliders - Howard Baer
We examine various aspects of supersymmetric particle production at linear $e^+e^-$ colliders operating at a centre of mass energy of $\sqrt{s}=500$ GeV, and integrated luminosity of $\int {\cal L}dt=20-50$ fb$^{-1}$. Working within the framework of the minimal supergravity model with gauge coupling unification and radiative electroweak symmetry breaking (SUGRA), we study various signatures for detection of sparticles, taking into account their cascade decays, and map out the regions of paramete...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Higgs-mediated leptonic decays of B_s and B_d mesons as probes of supersymmetry - J. K. Mizukoshi
If tan(beta) is large, down-type quark mass matrices and Yukawa couplings cannot be simultaneously diagonalized, and flavour violating couplings of the neutral Higgs bosons are induced at the 1-loop level. These couplings lead to Higgs-mediated contributions to the decays B_s -> mu+ mu- and B_d -> tau+ tau-, at a level that might be of interest for the current Tevatron run, or possibly, at B-factories...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Collider, direct and indirect detection of supersymmetric dark matter - Howard Baer
We present an overview of supersymmetry searches, both at collider experiments and via searches for dark matter (DM). We focus on three DM possibilities in the SUSY context: the thermally produced neutralino, a mixture of axion and axino, and the gravitino, and compare and contrast signals that may be expected at colliders, in direct detection (DD) experiments searching of DM relics left over from the Big Bang, and indirect detection (ID) experiments designed to detect the products of DM annihil...
Downloads: 18
[audio]Kaneel feat. Mv, Nagz and Xerxes - Inside It Ep [Cam music disk #01] - Kaneel feat. Mv, Nagz and Xerxes
Beautiful and minimal soulscapes by kaneel. Featuring a total of 12 tracks all under 100 k of pure idm sweetness + guest appearances by mv, nagz and xerxes. Module to mp3 conversion made by McBain222 on soulseek !
Keywords: Ambient; IDM; Experimental; Ambient/noise
Downloads: 11,480 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[texts]Reach of the Fermilab Tevatron for minimal supergravity in the region of large scalar masses - Howard Baer
The reach of the Fermilab Tevatron for supersymmetric matter has been calculated in the framework of the minimal supergravity model in the clean trilepton channel. Previous analyses of this channel were restricted to scalar masses m_0
Downloads: 2
[texts]Two Photon Background and the Reach of a Linear Collider for Supersymmetry in WMAP Favored Coannihilation Regions - Howard Baer
A neutralino relic density in accord with WMAP measurements can be found in the minimal supergravity (mSUGRA) model in several regions of parameter space: the stau co-annihilation corridor at low m_0 and the hyperbolic branch/focus point (HB/FP) region at large m_0 at the edges of parameter space, and the bulk and Higgs boson funnel regions within. In the regions at the edge, the mass gap between the next-to-lightest SUSY particle (NLSP) and the lightest SUSY particle (LSP) becomes small, and ba...
Downloads: 8
[texts]Addressing μ-b_μand proton lifetime problems and active neutrino masses in a U(1)^\prime-extended supergravity model - R. S. Hundi
We present a locally supersymmetric extension of the minimal supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) based on the gauge group $SU(3)_C\times SU(2)_L\times U(1)_Y\times U(1)^\prime$ where, except for the supersymmetry breaking scale which is fixed to be $\sim 10^{11}$ GeV, we require that all non-Standard-Model parameters allowed by the {\it local} spacetime and gauge symmetries assume their natural values...
Downloads: 7
[texts]Calculable Sparticle Masses with Radiatively Driven Inverted Mass Hierarchy - Howard Baer
Supersymmetric models with an inverted mass hierarchy (IMH: multi-TeV first and second generation matter scalars, and sub-TeV third generation scalars) can ameliorate problems arising from flavor changing neutral currents, $CP$ violating phases and electric dipole moments, while at the same time satisfying conditions on naturalness. It has recently been shown that such an IMH can be generated radiatively, making use of infra-red fixed point properties of renormalization group equations given Yuk...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Impact of Hadronic Decays of the Lightest Neutralino on the Reach of the CERN LHC - Howard Baer
If $R$-parity is not conserved, the lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) could decay via lepton number violating or baryon number violating interactions. The latter case is particularly insidious since it leads to a reduction of the $\eslt$ as well as leptonic signals for supersymmetry. We evaluate cross sections for jets plus $\eslt$, 1$\ell$, $2\ell$ (same-sign and opposite sign) and $3\ell$ event topologies that result from the simultaneous production of all sparticles at the CERN Large Had...
Downloads: 11
[texts]A Black Hole Levitron - Xerxes D. Arsiwalla
We study the problem of spatially stabilising four dimensional extremal black holes in background electric/magnetic fields. Whilst looking for stationary stable solutions describing black holes kept in external fields we find that taking a continuum limit of Denef et al's multi-center solutions provides a supergravity description of such backgrounds within which a black hole can be trapped in a given volume...
Downloads: 8
[texts]Willard's practical butter book: a complete treatise on butter-making at factories and farm dairies, including the selection, feeding and management of stock for butter dairying-with plans for dairy rooms and creameries, dairy fixtures, utensils, etc - Willard, X. A. (Xerxes Addison), 1820-1882

Keywords: Butter
Downloads: 233
[texts]Reach of the CERN LHC for the Minimal Anomaly-Mediated SUSY Breaking Model - Howard Baer
We examine the reach of the CERN LHC pp collider for supersymmetric models where the dominant contribution to soft SUSY breaking parameters arises from the superconformal anomaly. In the simplest viable anomaly mediated SUSY breaking (AMSB) model, tachyonic slepton squared masses are made positive by adding a universal contribution m_0^2 to all scalars. We use the event generator ISAJET to generate AMSB signal events as a function of model parameter space...
Downloads: 15
[texts]Using b-tagging to enhance the SUSY reach of the CERN Large Hadron Collider - P. G. Mercadante
Assuming that supersymmetry is realized with parameters in the hyperbolic branch/focus point (HB/FP) region of the minimal supergravity (mSUGRA) model, we show that by searching for multijet + missing E_T events with tagged b jets the reach of experiments at the LHC may be extended by as much as 20% from current projections. The reason for this is that gluino decays to third generation quarks are enhanced because the lightest neutralino has substantial higgsino components...
Downloads: 4
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